Align General Insurance Agency partners with leading insurance companies and reinsurers to bring quality, sustainable insurance products to the marketplace. Align has established an extensive network of relationships with retail and wholesale broker partners that distribute the company’s products.

Align’s insurance company partners include:

  1. American Summit Insurance Company
  2. Arch Insurance Company
  3. GuideOne National Insurance Company
  4. Ironshore Insurance Group
  5. Lloyd’s of London
  6. United Specialty Insurance Company

If you are interested in becoming an insurance company partner of Align, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact John Johnson, CEO, DUAL North America at  jjohnson@dualcommercial.com or call (619) 333 2503.

If you are interested in becoming a producer for Align, please contact Mike Tudman at mtudman@aligngeneral.com or call (818) 825 6181.

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